Thursday, November 12, 2009

Concert Ticket Shams

So my buddy was bitching about not being able to get Lady Ga Ga tickets on the pre-sale. I know, I know that should be celebrated but for some reason my friend really wants to go. So what gives. Larry is the ticket king for goodness sake. Never gets shut out. What gives?

Larry's problem is increasingly becoming the defacto situation in the concert industry. Artists don't want to appear greedy so they work back channel deals with TicketBastard and Live Nation to hold back huge amounts of tickets for them to re-sell on Stub Hub and other services. No real surprise. They make like the ticket industry is the problem. The problem is greedy artists who want to charge more for tickets but can't due to public opinion. They make their money either way and the real fans lose. How else can Stub Hub list tickets before they go on sale to the general public.

Will this ever change? Probably not. Nobody has the heart to legislate and then prosecute. There are too many other issues of injustice to deal with in 2009. This one just hits home more for some of us.

Check out this link...

It highlights what happened with "good guy" Keith Urban's show in Nashville.

We need to do something. Is there a politician that cares. Hey Chuck Schumer how 'bout you do something?

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  1. hey rockr...
    The ticket situation sucks, and always did. We both likely remember standing around in line (in the cold!)waiting for ticketmaster ticket outlets to open, having our favorite place to get tickets where other people didn't go... that type of thing. I guess buying tickets has become more convenient.

    I guess it's just another case of capitalism, supply and demand economics, and greed run amok. Maybe if we all stopped going to their overpriced shows they would bring the cost back down? I haven't been to a concert in a few years, and honestly only see Grateful Dead related acts when they come through my area, or I happen to be in their area. I prefer to get my tunes via these days - have found lots of little known bands worth listening to. (Hot Buttered Rum, The Gourds, and even Wolfmother - but that one is my son's influence on me!)

    But dude! I just saw your list of 2009 concerts, wow. Have at it man!