Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chuck Ragan - The Boat

Chuck Ragan was a member of Hot Water Music, a sort of punk band. What I like about this and so many others from this recent crop of singer-sonwriters is that they take the punk attitude from their youth and channel it to make great music now. You can't play punk forever and this group,which also includes Tim Barry and others, really knows their way around a song. Passion and power with acoustic guitars. You don't have to be a kid to like this.

The Revival Tour - Ben Nichols - Last Pale Light in the West

It's always a good time for some Lucero / Ben Nichols. This is from the Revival Tour. If he doesn't self destruct he can be one of the more important songwriters of his generation. I'm just sayin'.

Alejandro Escovedo - Down In The Bowery

Alejandro Escovedo always gets such great press. I feel like I am supposed to love his stuff but it has often left me less than excited. That is until I heard this cut from his excellent new album "Street Songs of Love". For a guy pushing 60, this is one rockin' record. Nothing old sounding or retro here. Just a great album.
The track that caught my attention was "Down in the Bowery" with Ian Hunter (a personal favorite of mine). What a great, great song. He comments that it was written for his son in encouragement to be himself and freaky as he wants. It makes sense. Just give it a listen. You can buy the CD here.

Oh yeah, and this guy named Bruce Springsteen also makes an appearance.

Alejandro Escovedo (with Ian Hunter) - Down in the Bowery

Sons Of Anarchy Season 3 Trailer (Tues Sept 7th)

I know this is not the most politically correct show but...I love it. Looking forward to season 3!

The SteelDrivers - Reckless

One of my favorite records from a few years back was The SteelDrivers self titled debut. It was bluegrass, but it was so much more. Great songs and vocals from Chris Stapleton just drove this one so much further than the rest of the field. They put the blues in bluegrass.

I saw a few months back that Chris was leaving so I kind of lost track of the release date (mid-September). I just snagged a copy and to my surprise Chris is doing all the vocals. Apparently he lift after it was recorded. Home run! We get one more. The new singer is Gary Nichols who doesn't sound bad, he's just different. At least there is one more full album from the original line-up. I'll let you know more when I have played it a few more times, although initial impressions are favorable.

Needless to Say I'm Excited

The new Springsteen box set, The Promise, drops November 16th. It will be available as a 3CD/3DVD box that includes the remastered Darkness on the Edge of Town, The Promise (2 CD's of unreleased music), the documentary of the making of Darkness, a DVD of live rarities and a full concert from Houston in 1978. Now that is what we have been waiting for! You can also get the Promise as 2CD's/4LP's.

On Second Thought

I was gone, now I'm back.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Warren Zevon

I was listening to some old stuff today while I was working on my summer curriculum project and while writing curriculum is just about the most fun one can have on a summer day, I lost a little focus when some Zevon came on the shuffle. It's hard to believe that it has been almost 7 years since he left us. Looking back at least we have all that music to remember him by. Here's some cool clips I found nosing around YouTube today.

This last one gets me every time. My dad passed away the same week as Warren and Johnny Cash back in 2003. Everytime I hear this it brings me back but in a good way.

To those who know me play that one and Ripple when it is my time (hopefully many years from now).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DBT Blog Post

I love this. From Patterson Hood's blog as reported on My Aimz Is True.

Woke up to the news that Kings of Leon had to cancel the St. Louis venue (that we played last week with Petty) due to a pigeon shitting in the bassist’s mouth. I saw Mike Campbell (from The Heartbreakers) collapse on stage in 100 degree heat, get carried off (still clutching his guitar) and come back on to FINISH THE SHOW.

That’s what you do. Kings of Leon walk off after three songs.

What a bunch of pussies.

Roger Waters and David Gilmour

This is worth a look...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Willie Nelson - Country Music

I was going through a pile of CD's the other day that I had accumulated over the past few months and I noticed the new Willie Nelson. I forgot about this one. I love Willie but many of his recent albums are kind of blah. This one is much more like it. As the title implies this is country music. Real, 'ol time country music. Nothing slick here. Just Willie singing great songs in only the way that he can. The backing is superb, it just fits the songs and Willie's voice so well. I've played it a bunch this past week and it keeps getting better. Check it out.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Robert Plant September 14th

The new Robert Plant album Band of Joy drops September 14th. Produced again by Buddy Miller, this one builds on Raising Sand and incorporates a little Zep III sound. What is so nice to hear is one of the older rockers making music that reflects his own maturity and that of so many of us who grew up in the 70's. I for one don't want any Zep reunion tours. It could never be the same. Hell I was there at MSG in 77 and they were already in decline. This is music for the here and now, not born of nostalgia but of what speaks to the artist in 2010. More power to you Robert. I for one can't wait to hear the whole thing.

And here is Band of Joy doing some Zep covers...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gaslight Anthem Cover Lucero

Gaslight Anthem covering Lucero's The War recently.

As a little bonus here's avideo of Brian Fallon doing American Slang acoustic on Sirius Radio...

I don't know if there is gonna be a backlash that often comes with success, but to me this band is just what music needs. A great rock band playing songs you want to hear over and over. And remember I ain't no kid...

I don't think I've spent a summer playing a record over and over again since Born in the USA came out in 1984. I don't know who's looking forward to the Radio City show more, me or my 16 year old son.

Gov't Mule - Westbury 8/12/10

This was kind of an old school Mule show the other night at the Theater at Westbury. Spanish Moon was played for Ritchie Heyward who passed earlier in the day. Loads of folks on the tiny stage.

I've been seeing the Mule since 1997 and while they are always good I still miss Woody. That heavy, heavy bottom end has never been replaced. Still good, but not quite the same. Here's the setlist from one of the tapers. The flac files are on bt.etree.org for download.

1st Set
01 Tuning
02 Warren Banter On Richie Hayward
03 Spanish Moon
04 Wanderin' Child
05 World Gone Wild
06 Frozen Fear >
07 Kind Of Bird
08 Thorazine Shuffle

2nd Set
01 Tuning
02 Brighter Days >
03 Like Flies
04 Devil Likes It Slow
05 Goin' Out West >
06 Bang A Gong >
07 Goin' Out West (With Mississippi Queen Riff) >
08 Bang A Gong >
09 Drum Solo >
10 Streamline Woman >
11 Brand New Angel
12 Thanks
13 After Midnight >
14 On Your Way Down

Goin' Out West

After Midnight