Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Shows

School is almost over and it time to start thinking about some summer shows. I've been kind of putting off getting tickets this year, mainly because I hate outdoor shows. So there are finally a bunch of good shows coming to some indoor venues around NY.

moe at The Theatre at Westbury
Widespread Panic at Radio City Music Hall
Railroad Earth at The Fillmore at Irving Place
Rush at Jones Beach
Tommy Emmanuel at BB King's
Willie Nelson and Levon Helm at Radio City Music Hall

July is going to be most enjoyable!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chad Price

I have to admit I totally missed Drag The River. I am making up for lost time. Thankfully the internet is the ultimate music finder. Far too many bands get buried in the "punk" section at my local indie store and I never look in that area. Too many "my girlfriend hates me so I sing about it in a whiny out of key voice while my dirty hair hangs in my eyes" types of bands.

So I have found out I've been missing out on Drag The River. I have made up for lost time. I am now branching out into solo albums. Chad Price released "Smile Sweet Face" last fall and it is simply amazing. Great, great songs. This is exactly what I look for in "alt-country". Here are a few tracks from some solo shows last fall. Check 'em out.

If you like this check the album out. Pretty damn good.

Back to Normal

I've been feeling a little bit old of late. Spent the past few weeks living through some musical ADD. I get that way. Whenever I am feeling a little "mature" I tend to go off the deep end and re-do the iPod. Now Bigelf is a lot of fun and I like the new Wolfmother, once in a while. So I am back to normal. Just got some great new releases that I will be commenting on over the next few days. For those of you who actually read this, thanks for your patience. By the way, old doesn't suck.

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that albums have gotten shorter and that more and more are listenable straight through? Less filler and more killer. How many great albums were doubles back in the day? Exile, Blonde on Blonde, The River? Sure there were others but for the most part great rock albums clocked in at 40 minutes or less. Mostly 10 great cuts. The CD and the drive to fill 80 minutes on each release has ultimately been a bad thing for the music biz. Glad to see the change. Now if we can just get everything released on vinyl again...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Slash & Fergie ????

Go figure... Slash & Fergie team up for a great rock track. She really surprised me at the R&R HOF show ripping up Gimme Shelter with Mick & U2 but this is really good. A suggestion: dump the Black Eyed Peas and pop shit, dress in leather and rock out!