Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol

It's a train wreck. My family watches it every year. Time after time. I hate it and most of the contestants are just awful. This year in particular is excruciatingly bad. I usually am reading or grading papers when it's on so I don't always pay attention, but yesterday I was just chilling on the couch and it was just about the most painful thing I have heard. Lock up your daughter's it's the Rolling Stones. How can you take a band that put fear into a generation of parents that their offspring's virtue is at risk just listening to this stuff and reduce it to this? Just horrendous. But then again you knew that. Without hearing it.

The one chick with the dreads was not bad though. Crystal something or other. I kind of like her voice. A little Tracy Chapman meets Janis. She doesn't fit the mould and probably has no chance with middle America but she should be around for a bit. At least she can play a little guitar and has more records to listen to than Lady Ga-Ga or Dave Matthews. I think hearing her sing some originals might not be half bad. I'm just sayin'.

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  1. I have NEVER seen American Idol, and reading your comment, I have never missed something too. Ha!