Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bruce Springsten The River Tour 1980-81

There are only 3 or 4 known soundboards from The River Tour as far as I know. I have two of them and while both are good, one is amazing. First up is the great performance/OK sound show from November 5, 1980 in Tempe, Az.

The second is the legendary NYE show from the Nassau Coliseum. Just download it...

I don't know the source and there are some problems with cut songs and fades on this one but the sound is absolutely fucking amazing. It is the 12-31-80 show and it is two discs so it is incomplete but well worth the download for the sound quality. You can grab it here.


  1. Not a perfect Springsteen production but that title track just resonates. "Mary got pregnant and "man that's all she wrote." Wow! Thank you.

  2. Never heard that Tempe show... Thx Mr Old