Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Gov. Perry

I heard you say that Evolution is some idea out there and that in Texas you teach our children Creationism along side evolution as another theory.  As a science teacher my students understand that a theory is not some "best guess" thrown out there to explain something.   A theory holds all the weight of the experimental evidence behind it.  A theory is something that explains the data and is not something we take lightly.

Creationism is not science.  There is no data to back it up.  For example, some say that the earth is thousands of years old, however uranium dating (accurate to the time frame of a presidents term) puts it at something like 4.5 billion years. The data doesn't lie.  Taking something that is faith based and trying to put it forward as science minimizes the importance of each.

My students always ask me if I believe in evolution.  Science is not something to believe in.  Science is the response to observations and experimentation.  Belief is an issue of faith.  As a person of faith I have long since reconciled my understanding of science and the universe with my religious beliefs as have countless people (including the current Pope) over the many years since Mr. Darwin published his work.  My faith is important to me but it has no place in my classroom.  I will share my knowledge of science with my students but my beliefs remain my own...remember separation of Church and State.

What you have done to schools in Texas with respect to science is disgraceful.  No matter what the residents think on issues of faith, no matter whether or not they believe in a higher power, teaching Creationism as science is just wrong.  If you think this belongs in school show me the data...

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