Monday, November 11, 2013

The "New" Madison Square Garden

I've been to the newly renovated MSG a few times over the past week and I have to say...really? Virtually every new improvement is directed towards the big bucks patrons.  Now the scoreboard is pretty damn spiffy, the only problem is you can't see it from a lot of seats.  The new "bridge" level blocks it for those of us who sit in the upper 200's when we go to a know the sections where you can still get tickets less than 100 bucks.   At least the view of the the ice is unobstructed from the 200's as you can see below from section 226 row 22.

The bridge does seem to make it sound a little too quiet in the building.  Maybe it's better down below...

Now there are still a few 400's left now renamed The Blue Seats.  As you can see the view is a little tunnel like.  These were in 416 row 5.
I would stay clear of any seats in the 400's in rows 6 and 7.  These are most definitely obstructed view seats.  I sat down in row 7 and you can't see past the opposite blue line.  The view on this end is the same as it ever was...slightly blocked behind the goal line.  They also have very limited bathrooms for this area...perhaps they think everyone there has a huge bladder.  Maybe rich folks are the only ones who need to relieve themselves.  And the worst sin of all...the beer selections is pretty weak this high up.

Was it worth 1 billion dollars?  I guess that depends on your annual income.  Those who can may get an improved experience.  Personally I think it was just fine at MSG before all the renovations.  But that's just me.

Oh yeah...the Dolans pretty much suck in my opinion.

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