Sunday, October 11, 2009

UFO - B.B. King's 10/10/09

Took my son to see UFO last night. I wasn't going to go as Phil was wasted last time and the show was not good, but a buddy of mine decided to go to KISS so I took the tickets and Sam and off we went. Let me just say that my buddy chose poorly. UFO absolutely rocked their asses off last night at B.B. King's.

I am no a huge fan. Certainly not a fanatic so I hadn't heard the new material and it was pretty good. I went for the songs from my youth and got pretty much all of them. Mother Mary, Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot To Handle, Love to Love, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom. The songs were great then and still are. UFO was one of those "unheralded" bands back in the 70's in the US. Too bad for those who missed out then and now.

Michael Schenker is a great guitarist, but I have to say I think Vinnie Moore is a better player. Well at least currently.

Great night. Great show. That and we made the 10:10 back to Long Island. Sweet deal.

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