Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mountain Heart - That Just Happened

Mountain Heart is a bluegrass outfit out of Nashville.  Their newest, That Just Happened, dropped on October 19th and is a 7 song e.p.  I kind of like the idea of releasing e.p.'s and extended singles with songs that are ready for prime time.  All killer, no filler seems like a good idea to me.

There's something here for both country and bluegrass fans.  I really like their bluegrass leanings and the tracks Little Sadie and Same Old Heartache are particularly good.  I hear a little bit of the SteelDrivers in the soulful vocals which is a good thing in my book.  They really step out on a cover of the Allman Brothers Whipping Post which stretches out solidly into Jamgrass territory.  The only track that really didn't grab me was Even if it Breaks which was a bit too slick but my wife really dug it so what do I know.

If you are digging the contemporary bluegrass scene give this one a listen, I think you might just find something you like.

Little Sadie

Same Old Heartache

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