Monday, July 25, 2011

The Steel Wheels - Live at Goose Creek

Here's a band I would love to see on the Grey Fox lineup in 2012.  The Steel Wheels are a 4 piece acoustic act out of Virginia.  They have a strong sense of how acoustic music should be made...great playing and strong singing.  It's a little bluegrass, a little jamgrass, some folk tinges, all mixed up into great American music.  This set was recorded live in an old barn that have been converted into a concert venue and the sound achieved is spectacular.

"Red Wing" is a great example of what the Steel Wheels are about.  The music is firmly routed in the sounds of Apalachia but without the sometimes excessive twang that some of these acts have.  I love all kinds of roots music but on occasion some of the more traditional outfits stick too close to the old timers.  I much more prefer a little update of the sound and the Steel Wheels achieve that on this live set.  Traditional but with just the right updating of the genre.

Check out "Walk This Way For a While" for another fine example of the Steel Wheel's sound.

I'm going to be playing this one for a while. You should too 'cause this one gets the Oldrockr1 Seal of approval.

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  1. "The Steel Wheels" is a wonderful group that can be best appreciated live! We've seen them several times at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV and loved them.
    I think that "Nothing You Have that You Can't Lose" is one of the best songs ever written!!
    Great article about them!!