Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nancy Grace is a Big Fat Poo Poo Head

OK so that title is a bit juvenile.  I can't help it because to me the collective intelligence of the "press" is pretty much at a pre-K level at the moment.  The death of any child is tragic, these circumstances are almost unspeakable.  Did Casey Anthony kill her daughter?  Probably.  I hope there is a special place in hell for whomever did this vile crime however, Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury of her peers.  Case closed.  Time to move on folks.  This is OJ the sequel or Michael Jackson part 2.  It isn't right and we all have to live with that.  It is also how our justice system works.  Sometimes the guilty go free.  It has to happen in order to prevent the conviction of an innocent man or woman.  It's what our fore fathers had in mind, you know those wise old guys and those trivial bits of paper called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

A jury of 12 peers decides guilt or innocence in this country.  It is not perfect but it is the best game in town.  About 10 years ago I sat on a jury.  We knew the guy was guilty but based on the testimony, evidence and the judge's instructions on the law we were forced to return a not guilty verdict.  No one in that jury room was happy.  After 3 weeks there were all kinds of strong emotions expressed but we had no choice but to follow the law rather than our hearts.  After the trial the judge told us about the large amount of evidence that was not allowed in court for one reason or another and he told us we did the right thing.  In fact it was so one sided in court he said he would have reversed the decision if we found him guilty.  The system works based upon the law

I don't know what the jury knew or didn't know outside of the trial.  I didn't watch that closely to begin with so this rant is based on the aftermath.  The talking heads on HLN and the like can discuss this forever, but the jury could only weigh the evidence and there was reasonable doubt in their opinion.  Do they think she is guilty...probably.  Did they listen to the law instead of their emotions...yes and good for them.

Prior to this week I thought that Nancy Grace was someone who was the brunt of jokes on the Soup.  She is something far worse that that.  She is the antithesis of what a reporter should be.  She is simply some loud mouth looking to further her career regardless of what her ranting does to lower the level of discourse in our society.  She is despicable.  She is in fact a great big poo poo head.

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