Monday, September 26, 2011

Railroad Earth - A Pair of Shows

Railroad Earth is one of my favorite "new" jam bands.  They jam, but in an organic, acoustic, sorta bluegrass kind of way.  A RRE show will for sure put you in the right frame of mind.  These are a couple of shows from the NYC area that sound fantastic.  Thanks to the taper for his/her efforts!

Railroad Earth
12/10/09 (Thu)  
Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

Set 1: 
1 Carrying Coal to Newcastle - > 
2 Mighty River
3 Give That Boy a Hand
4 The Good Life 
5 Bread and Water
6 The Forecast 
7 Crossing the Gap
8 Water Fountain Quicksand

Set 2: 
1 Happy Song
2 Elko
3 For Love
4 Been Down This Road 
5 Like a Buddha
6 New Jam (Spring-Heeled Jack) 
7 Peace on Earth
8 Sing for Me
9 e: Moonshiner

You can grab this one off the Archive or you can direct download it here at VBR.

Railroad Earth
Irving Plaza
New York, New York

Taper: Tim in Jersey
Location:On floor, near balcony, DFC
Source:mk4(ORTF)>kc5>cmc6>SD 722 @ 24/44.11
Transfer:SD 722>IEEE 1394>PC>Audacity 1.3.12-beta (amplify, dither, tracking, FLAC encoding)

**16 bit**

Set 1:
01. Crowd
02. Long Walk Home
03. The Jupiter and the 119
04. Bird in a House
05. The Hunting Song
06. Old Man and the Land
07. Mourning Flies
08. The Green Roofs of Eireann>
09. Like a Buddha
10. Bringin' My Baby Back Home

Set 2:
01. Crowd
02. Long Way To Go
03. Head
04. Lone Croft Farewell
05. Storms
06. Water Fountain Quicksand
07. Black Elk Speaks
08. Spring-Heeled Jack
09. Potter's Field
10. E: Peace on Earth
Again, you can get it at the Archive or direct download here in VBR.

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