Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talented Artists Can Make Boring Records

I am kind of a little bored with some new releases.  They sounded good on paper, but on record...not so much.  The first one I am not thrilled with is the new release from Beth Hard and Joe Bonamassa "Don't Explain".  She can flat out sing and he is a great guitarist and singer as well but for me this is, well just dull.

It does everything right.  Perhaps what's woring is it is too perfect sounding.  Soul music with very little soul.  You want to have a blast check out the JJ Grey & Mofro live album "Brighter Days".  A shout bam-a-lama greasy southern soul stomper.

Another couple of artists I try to dig time after time are Derek Trucks and his Mrs.  Susan Tedeschi.  Both have gobs of talent but frankly bore the hell out of me.  The new album "Revelator" is no exception.  Well played, good vocals and still not worth my time.  I tried to like it.  Played it a bunch of times which makes listening to music work instead of a joyful experience.

Both releases prove that the sum is not always greater than the parts.  And don't get me started about the Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton collaboration...BORING!!!

I know I am in the minority on these releases, but music is so personal and it's really what I am feeling.  Nothing here sucks, but for me none of these warrants another listen.


  1. Haven't hear the Beth Hart/Bonamassa. But the other two will end up on my Best Of 2011 list, and I'm the first one on line to bash ol' Slowhand.

    My feeling is, if you're not a fan of New Orleans jazz, you should get out now. It's a sound and really, Wynton and his band nail it. Toss in some EC's most inpsired solos, and you get an amazing, once in a lifetime collaboration.

    Can't say much about Derek & Susan. I see your side. I just happen to love it. Personal.

  2. All of this is indeed one person's taste. The EC probably doesn't do it for me because of the style. It's just not my thing. Well played but not for me.

    I think I have been leaning a little more towards a more rustic Americana sound lately. That's why the Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas records are often finding their way on to my turntable. But then again I love the Glen Campbell and that is the exact opposite sound wise.