Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Defense of Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup

Now Toby Keith really doesn't need my support.  In fact, I suspect Toby Keith is doing just fine without it but I'm going to offer some anyhow.  There has been a huge backlash around the blog-o-sphere about this little ditty.  How it is a collection of some of the dumbest lyrics ever written.  I have to agree with that, however, it is supposed to be a joke, I mean just watch the video.  Silly and sophomoric? You bet.  Pretty funny?  Yep.  Too many folks are taking things like this much more seriously than I do.  Lighten up and laugh a little.  I need a beer.

This one cracked me up back a few years ago.  Even Willie thought it was funny.

Todd Snider does Beer Run and he's a satirist (and a pretty funny guy).  The songs aren't all that different.

Here's one more ode to that wonderful barley beverage...

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