Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's 2012 and I Am Turning a New Musical Leaf

I have been thinking a lot lately about music.  I know it has been my passion for most of my life, but what do I really like?  It sounds like a stupid question but like many of you out there I can tend to be a bit of a snob.  I tend to want to discover artists before anyone and start to sun them when they "break".  Now I wouldn't call myself a hipster because I am firmly rooted here on Long Island listening mainly to rock, blues and country, but I do go through periods where I will stop listening to some things because I feel it is my "duty" to stick with the indie acts over those who have "made it"

An example...I really do like Hellbound Glory.  Great country music.  I also happen to love George Strait, Alan Jackson and yes, even Toby Keith.  I have even more trouble with rock music lately.  I have to say there isn't much that has truly fired me up over the past couple of years, but I still find something interesting every once in a while.

What do I listen to most of the time?  In the car I have a classic rock Smartplaylist with about 6000 songs that lasts for months.  And when I say classic rock that is exactly what I mean.  The newest thing on there is some Gaslight Anthem and a little Foo Fighters...the rest is pretty old.  And I don't care.  I love this stuff and always have.  In fact this morning I have played Rush, UFO and Thin Lizzy...and enjoyed every minute of it.  Now some of the stuff I liked in high school is a tough listen now, Black Sabbath in particular, but I don't think I ever really loved it even back in the day.  I like to rock but heavy metal has never been my thing.  I need a little groove, a little melody.

So what this all comes down to for me is that 2012 is the year I am going to be comfortable in my "musical skin".  No more feeling that I have to like something, no more working through music and hoping it grows on me.  I stand by every one of the albums on my top 10 this past year, but so many others were just not that exciting. I have a feeling that as the years progress that year end Top 10 will be more and more difficult to make.

Shit, maybe this is another midlife crisis.  Well if it is it's no big deal.  Maybe turning 50 won't be so bad.  And I can guarantee that I won't feel old if Rush tours this summer.

Oh yeah, and I can't wait for the new Springsteen album and tour.  2012 may be a good year yet.

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