Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shurman - Inspiration

This album is exactly why I love ReviewShine.  I saw this listed and somewhere in the back of my mind I recognized the name.  I downloaded and listened to it.  And then I listened to it again.  And again.  At a time when rock music is pretty much on the back burner I needed to hear a record like this one.  The boys from Shurman are based in Austin, Tx and that sound is somewhere in the mix.  Not a Red Dirt band but that is there a bit.  Shurman exists at the intersection of Rock, Soul and Country music.  Think the Black Crowes with a little Texas twang.  I don't know if this is the intended single, but I loved it and it kind of makes my point.

Let me tell you folks...Aaron Beavers can flat out sing and the rest of the band rocks like a mutha.  Tracks like Novocaine Heart, Hometown Judgement Day and the title track should be blasting out of open car windows all summer long.  The crime is that most people will never get a chance to hear this fine slice of Rock & Roll.  I for one plan on grabbing a copy of the vinyl here and blasting it all summer long.  I'm gonna do my part to spread the news...now it's up to you.

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