Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Time To Cancel Newsday

The following is a post I made on my Facebook page concerning Newsday (Long Island paper)...

I have finally had enough. I cancelled Newsday this morning and I urge you to do the same if you have not already done so. Today's headline: Blame the Pensions. No. Blame the bankers! Blame the Auto Companies! Blame the oil companies (you know there are record profits being made)! This mess is not the fault of the teachers, cops, firemen, secretaries, sanitation workers, nurses, or any of your other neighbors. This problem is a direct result of the greed and what should be criminal activities of those who run (ruin) our financial system.

Ladies and gentlemen for years the pension plans cost practically nothing as the markets were exploding. Did local municipalities choose to save for a rainy day? Nope. Were any actions done to prevent the fiscal crisis from occurring again? Nope. The Wall Street types still get their fat bonuses and then point the finger to you and I as the problem. And that rag Newsday puts it on the front page.

Well, I am done with it. If you are in the public sector, a union or are close to someone who is I urge you to cancel Newsday. Today.

I feel better. Have a nice day.

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