Saturday, March 3, 2012

Railroad Earth - Best Buy Theater February 25th

I always feel a little sad when a band I love makes it.  I mean I am thrilled for the band as their following grows and they play bigger and bigger venues.  I am a bit sad in that I don't get to see them in the really small venues anymore.  Railroad Earth is a band that is really coming into its own and the show last Saturday at the Best Buy Theater was further proof of how fast they are growing their fan base.  Two years ago they played at the Williamsburg Music Hall with the Infamous Stringdusters and they didn't even sell that out.  Now they are selling out these bigger places with no problems.  It's great to see that there is still a market for this kind of music!

Railroad Earth is always a good time and last week was no exception.  The level of musicianship is so high with these guys.  They can just flat out play.  Mighty River > Saddle of the Sun > Head was a great way to kick things off and it just kept getting better. Hunting Song, Seven Story Mountain and Goat all featured some great jams that had the crowd going big time.  And folks this place was packed!

 I'm going to miss those Boulton Center shows (all 250 people) and places like Williamsburg Music Hall, but the band hasn't made any compromises as they have grown.  In fact the music is tighter and the playing is even more adventurous.

A great band, a great night.

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