Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allman Brothers & Santana at Jones Beach

The Allman Brothers were at Jones Beach last week for their annual summer stop on Long Island and this year brought Carlos Santana along for the ride.  I've seen Carlos a couple of times before, and while I am a fan of much of what he has done, I have never been blown away by his live shows.  This year was no exception.  The ban was tight, almost too tight, and there was a lack of fire in his playing.  This is not the same Carlos that you saw at Woodstock my friends and he hasn't been in decades.  Judging by the crowd response I was alone in my opinion and his 100 minute set was a big hit.

I've seen the Brothers too many times to count over the year and I've seen them great and I've seen them suck.  This year had me concerned...Gregg looked and sounded, well tired.  Very tired.  He appeared to run out of breath a bunch of times when he was singing and he had a very lethargic look.  It seems like years of hard living have caught up, and I hope this is not the case, leaving his touring future in doubt.

The good news is the band played their asses off during their set.  I kind of like when they play the shorter one set show.  The band is much more focused with less time to play so their forays into experimentaiton were limited.  That doesn't mean they didn't stretch out on Mountain Jam with Carlos or a smoking Liz Reed.  The set was loaded with early "hits" and the crowd ate it up, although a lot of the women around me looked bored (Santana was the favorite for many of the ladies in attendance).  Susan Teeschi joined in for Don't Think Twice and the whole show wrapped up with Whipping Post.

01. crowd
02. One Way Out
03. Statesboro Blues
04. Come and Go Blues
05. Worried Down With The Blues *
06. Midnight Rider > In A Silent Way >
07. Mountain Jam >
08. Smokestack Lightnin' >
09. Mountain Jam **

01. Done Somebody Wrong
02. Don't Think Twice ***
03. Good Morning Little School Girl ****
04. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
05. crowd
06. Whipping Post
I truly hope I'm wrong about Gregg's health...he has me worried about his and the band's future.

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