Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bruce Springsteen - Met Life Stadium

I know these shows were a couple of weeks back but life has been pretty hectic for me and I just couldn't find some time to write about them.  I was lucky enough to make it to the second and third nights of the run and as expected Bruce put on a couple of amazing shows.

Night 2 (9/21) 
This was my first time to Met Life Stadium.  It's new.  It's huge.  It reminds me of...well, Giants Stadium but bigger.  I hate stadiums and the only one who could get me there for a concert is Bruce.   This show was a fan's dream...could it be nothing was played off of Darkness?  The setlist was loaded with rarities top to bottom.

Night 3 (9/22)
It was Bruce's birthday at midnight so we expected a late night, but nothing like this. There was a 3 hour rain delay (really 2 if you go by the usual start time). Bruce hit the stage around 10:30 and played until well past the midnight hour. 2AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another night of tour firsts and a great party atmosphere rain and all.

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