Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Of July Musings and the Best of 2013 So Far...

So it's the 4th of July.  Happy Birthday America.  Now if everyone could play nice we would have something to celebrate but that's for another post.  Might as well dig a couple of 4th of July Songs.

Shooter Jennings

Dave Alvin

Bruce Springsteen

Since it's midyear I thought I might ruminate on the state of music (as are many of the bloggers) in 2013.  So far it has been a weak year that has seen some very good albums released.  Hell quality is always better than quantity.  So in no particular order here are the mid year all stars.

Holly Williams deserves a listen because she is Hank's grand daughter.  She deserves to be album of the year because this one is that special.  It's been in constant rotation since it was released and I still find new things to like about it.  A major singer-songwriter has been unleashed on the world.  Do not hesitate to pick this one up.

Speaking about major much has been written about this masterpiece, another contender for album of the year, that I wonder if I have anything to add to the accolades.  This is simply an amazing, mature work by one of the premier songwriters of this or any other era.  It's that good.

This one was a complete surprise and I have to thank Autopsy IV over at for first posting about this one.  Being totally unfamiliar with his work I was blown away by the first couple of songs I heard.  My wife hears Bruce Springsteen in the vocals and I definitely do as well.  However the Boss hasn't quite gotten this sound down so well in the past.  From what I have heard he rock more on his earlier albums, but this one is just right.  Check it out if you like Otis Gibbs, White Buffalo, etc.

Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis are husband and wife.  He has written some huge hits and she has a killer voice.  Together they make beautiful music.  I especially like their take on Border Radio.

Honest, real country music folks.  Fans of Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean can move along.  This is some serious, hard core country.  Thanks Sturgill.
Here's an early version of Life Ain't Fair with his old band Sunday Valley.


Speaking of hard core country this is the seconds album I've gotten by Eric Strickland.  If he keeps making them like this I'll keep buying them.  He seems incapable of making a bad record.

I had never heard Dale Watson before and I am kind of pissed at myself for that.  Great, honest, honkytonk or as he calls it Ameripolitan Music.  Whatever he wants to call it is fine with me.

So have a great day folks.  Pop a top or two and listen to some music.  It doesn't get much better than that on a beautiful summer day.  I hope the neighbors aren't expecting any top 40!

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