Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Black Crowes $3.99 at Amazon.com

You can grab the new Black Crowes CD Before the Frost...Until the Freeze at amazon.com for a measly $3.99 and the download includes both albums. I am on the first spin right now and it sounds pretty damn good. The Black Crowes deserve the award for best return from musical purgatory over the past year or so.

This album was recorded live at Levon Helm's in upstate NY and finds the Crowes in fantastic form. The first disc is classic Crowes positively oozing Exile-era Stones influences but with that twist that they do so well. It sounds of a time and outside of time. Tracks like Good Morning Captain, Appaloosa and A Train Makes A Lonely Sound sound so right and to me are what is missing from rock music this decade. Great songs played by musicians that know how to play and play with passion.

The second disc has more of a country sound to it and is really no shocker after seeing one of the acoustic Town Hall shows last year. That night was a revelation in how far the band has come in terms of songs and playing.

Grab this one. I haven't heard an album this good all year (with the possible exception of Levon Helm's Electric Dirt). Recommended without reservation.

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