Monday, September 14, 2009

Robin Trower - Boulton Center 9-14-09

I took my son to see Robin Trower tonight at the Boulton Center in Bayshore, NY. Sam is an aspiring guitarist and I have trying to take him to see all of my favorites over the past couple of years (and I throw in one or two of his bands along the way). He was amazed when he hear Robin tear into his first solo. He may be showing his age (we all are) but he has lost nothing in his playing. Sam said he never heard such a distinctive tone before.

We got a few new ones and a bunch of old ones (anything off of Bridge of Sighs is a classic) but it really doesn't matter. The songs are the vehicle for the solos and there were plenty tonight. Each one better than the last. The band really built on the momentum until the encores which included Too Rolling Stoned (natch). Great night. Check Robin out if he comes your way.

By the way for those of you on Long Island, you really need to check out the Boulton Center. It's the best kept secret out there. Capacity is less than 250 and no bad seats. Since the IMAC closed they have been booking more shows. I have Indigenous, Richie Haven, Coco Montoya & Tommy Castro, and Savoy Brown there over the next few months. No seats worse than second row. Should be a great fall.

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