Sunday, September 27, 2009

Michael Dean Damron - Father's Day

Here's one I stumbled upon recently and it is really one that I find myself playing quite a bit. Damron, formerly of I Can Lick and Son of a Bitch in the House has recorded a pretty damn fine album here. The vocals have the whiskey soaked quality to them that I like, think Lucero, Drive-By Truckers, etc.

There are some great tracks here...Dead Days, Father's Day (think Springsteen's Independence Day for a new generation). The cover of Thin Lizzy's Dancing in the Moonlight is really great. Damron makes it his own and it fits in well with the other tracks. Is this the cheeriest album out there, nope. Is it some quality songwriting and performing? You bet. I like this one quite a bit and it is moving up on my list of 2009 releases. Play this with the Otis Gibbs and William Elliott Whitmore. It's just as good which is high praise as those are two of my favorite releases this year. Check it out.

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