Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gov't Mule - Beacon Theater

I took my son last night to see da Mule at the Beacon. I go every year to one of the nights of the NYE run (just never NYE) and started taking him last year. We we lucky enough to grab a pair last year for the acoustic show at the Angel Orensanz Center, but this was his first full on Mule concert. The band was heavy as usual and it seems that Warren has shaken off the effects of playing in the Dead (love the Grateful Dead, but this new version not so much). Warren plays with everyone but he is at his best in Gov't Mule. A bunch of new songs which were great and some classics. All in all another great show. I've been seeing them since 1997 and this is one New Year's tradition that I hope will continue for many years to come.

Here's the set list and a link to the show on (If you grab the show, don't forget to leave a thank you for the taper...)

Set 1
1. Crowd
2. Broke Down On The Brazos
3. Rocking Horse >
4. Banks Of The Deep End
5. Lay Your Burden Down
6. Steppin' Lightly
7. Any Open Window
8. Devil Likes It Slow with Jon Herrington & Bill Evans
9. Sco-Mule with Jon Herrington & Bill Evans & Dance To The Music chorus

Set 2
10. Crowd
11. Railroad Boy >
12. Monday Mourning Meltdown >
13. Beautifully Broken >
14. Wandering Child >
15. Drums & Bass
16. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home with David Hidalgo
17. Dear Mr. Fantasy with David Hidalgo
18. Thorazine Shuffle

Encore 1
19. Crowd
20. Low Down Dirty Shame with David Hidalgo
21. Look On Yonder Wall with David Hidalgo

Encore 2
22. Woodstock First Time Played

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