Monday, July 5, 2010

moe. at The Theater at Westbury

I was at the moe. show at Westbury on Saturday night and it was really, really good. My son is starting to get into the jam bands so it was a bonus to have him there. He's gone from metal to moe. over the past couple of years. I approve! The only weirdness was the band playing in the round. I've seen tons of shows here and it always kind of bothers me. The sound can suffer a bit when you are really close (which we were). However, the sight lines are great and you are never more than 60 feet from the stage. Here's the setlist:

{8:20 PM > 9:16 PM EST}

I: Second Cousins# >(nh) Happy Hour Hero > Bearsong, One Life, New York City > Plane Crash?

{9: PM > 10:59 PM EST}

II: Water > Shoot First > Waiting For The Punchline > Brittle End? > Sensory Deprivation Bank > Seat Of My Pants

Enc: Timmy Tucker, Farmer Ben

The only downer for me was the parking lot scene. Far too many kids doing far too many substances. As the years go by this gets worse and worse. And I am too old for this bullshit. To the dealer who ran over to off me and my son selling whippets...dude I look like a cop (I am not but I do look like one) you must be the dumbest fucking dealer in the world.

Parking lot aside it was a great night. I am going to post an acoustic moe. set for those of you who want to check 'em out. This was recorded at Looney Tunes CD's in West Babylon back on February 11, 2007. This is a soundboard recorded that night. Sound is excellent.
Get the show here.
Looney Tunes CD's
West Babylon, NY
1. Blue Jeans Pizza
2. Tailspin
3. Brittle End
4. Where Does The Time Go?
5. The Road
6. Spine of a Dog

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