Monday, June 27, 2011

The Fab Faux - Abbey Road Side 2

I am 49 years old today.  Too young to have every had a chance to see the Beatles.  In fact my first exposure to their genius was the cartoon in the 60's!  My first records were Beatles records (Hey Jude and Let It Be) when I was around 9 or 10.  My love of this music has grown even more over the years and I am constantly going back and hearing something new or different from the last time I played it.  Simply amazing music that we have all shared over the years.

I am not generally a big fan of cover bands, Beatles cover bands, in particular.  Last year The Fab Faux played a benefit show for my home school district (a fire destroyed one of the elementary schools) and my wife and I volunteered to help out with the show.  Rich Pagano is the drummer of the Fab Faux as well as a classmate way back in the day and it was a wonderful gesture on his and the band's part to do the show.  I have to say I was amazed at how good these guys are.  It's truly a labor of love as the  music is painstakingly re-created by top notch musicians.  No silly costumes here.  Just great music played and sung extremely well.

The Fab Faux will be at the Beacon Theater on October 29th performing Magical Mystery Tour and other classics.  I never thought I would be going to the Beacon to see an act play Beatles songs, but the wife and I are going.  Big time fun.

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