Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ana Popovic - Boulton Center 7/27/12

With nothing to do on a Friday night I decided to grab some tix for the Ana Popovic show at the Boulton Center in Bayshore (Long Island).  I had heard a little bit of her material but was pretty much unprepared for how good a guitar player she is.  I mean she flat out can play.  Straight blues, slide, a little funk...

The almost two hour show featured a big chunk of last year's album "Unconditional" and the material was pretty good.  In addition to the title track I also really liked "Summer Rain" and "One Room Country Shack".  Each and every song featured some stellar solos from Ana and her band.  These guys play a lot of shows together and they are tight. 

Women have a often have a tough time competing with the guys, especially when playing the blues, but Ana Popovic is a better player than a lot of her contemporaries.  The Ana Popovic Band will be on tour in the USA through May 2013. Check 'em out.

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