Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Belle Brigade

There seems to be a resurgence of the California sound of the 70's of late.  The Decemberists have channeled the Laurel Canyon sound on their latest and now The Belle Brigade have released this self-titled album.  This one is a little less Neil Young (circa Harvest) and a whole lot more Fleetwood Mac.

The Belle Brigade is a brother-sister duo and they have that whole late-70's vibe going strong.  Loads of crisp harmonies and some stellar production make this an enjoyable listen.  While Fleetwood Mac immediately springs to mind sound wise, the lyrics themselves lack the emotional weight of anything off of Rumours.  Even so I have to say I like this quite a bit.  "Where Not To Look for Freedom" in particular impresses me as does "Losers".

All told a solid release that has that wonderful, breezy sound that you don't get to hear too often anymore.


Where Not To Look For Freedom

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