Monday, April 18, 2011

Robyn Ludwick - Out of These Blues

This record is one of the reasons I so enjoy being on the ReviewShine website.  I get tons of new music submitted to me...some of it good, some of it not so good, but every once in a while there is a gem that appears in my inbox.  Robyn Ludwick's Out of These Blues is one of those gems.  This is simply a fantastic listen from beginning to end. 

Ms. Ludwick is the sister of Bruce and Charlie Robison so she is part of the Texas music scence, but Out of These Blues is not cut from the same Red Dirt.  Comparisons to Lucinda Williams are inevitable, but miss the mark.  Robyn Ludwick sounds at once familiar and at the same time strikingly different.  For whatever reason I tend to not gravitate towards female artists that often, but when I do I am usually hooked and that is the case with this album.

From the opening duo Hollywood and the title track Out of These Blues, straight through to the last this is a great album full of emotion and wonderful songwriting.  There is a great mix of styles here; one song is reflective singer-songwriter, the next is pure county bliss.  This is not only the best record I have heard on ReviewShine this year, it is one of my favorites so far.  For sure this gets the OldRockr1 Seal of Approval.

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