Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greg Smith and the Broken English - The Losing Hand

There has been a pretty good pile of releases in my ReviewShine inbox lately.  Greg Smith and the Broken English's newest e.p. "The Losing Hand" is a really good example of what is so great about music today.  So many artists now have the ability to get their music out with being beholden to a major.  Leave the pop music to the masses.  This is intelligent music that is both well written and performed.  Intelligent music for intelligent people.

Greg Smith is a singer-songwriter currently based in Brooklyn who writes songs of struggle and pain that could hardly be described as upbeat, but The Broken English move many of these songs along with strong playing that at times departs from the typical folk singer approach.

The title track is a stand out as is Spare Me Eliza.  Good stuff here.

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