Saturday, April 9, 2011

So what is your Led Zeppelin IV?

I was talking to some friends the other day down at the local indie record store about the new Foo Fighters.  I think the Foos have recorded some good tracks over the years but for the life of me I don't see how they are mega huge with the media and the fans.  They are good, not great, just a good working rock band.  There used to be so many acts that fit the bill and now...well the journeymen have become the stars.

Don't read this as a rant about the Foo Fighters, that's not my intention, what I am getting increasingly less optimistic about is the future of Rock music.  I think it may be dead, or at the very least in a coma.  There are so few acts over the past decade that get me excited in the rock arena.  I'm not talking indie rock or any of those sub genre's, I'm talking good old fashioned turn it up loud and enjoy rock music.  I know what I am talking about...I went to high school in the 70's!

You have 4 albums to me to get my attention and keep it.  You get 4 shots because Led Zep made IV and that is the standard bearer for the time it takes to make a classic (well they made 4 by that point but that's another story).  Springsteen made Born To Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town by the 4th lp.  That's more than enough chances to find your way.

I guess it is just that the newer acts are so...generic.  There really is nothing special about the Foo Fighters.  I want the next Jailbreak or Straight Shooter, The River or Every Picture Tells a Story, Rust Never Sleeps or Moondance.  No matter the genre of rock these were classics.  Americana is trendy and hip...listen to Workingman's Dead because it has been done before and done better.

I want records that are good from beginning to end.  All Killer...No Filler!  They exist, but with striking lack of frequency in my opinion.  The only thing that comes to mind of late was the Gaslight Anthem's American Slang.  Loved it last summer, still do.  I have heard lots of great music over the past couple of years, it's just that none of it can really be classified as rock music.  And deep down inside I am really a classic rock kind of guy.  Even now all these years along it still sounds good. 

I want more...


  1. With all due respect to the four thing, I think yer looking at the situ all wrong.

    Growing up in the late 60's - early 70's, rock hit an apex where songs were lyrically as well crafted as the sonics that matched them in spades. It was the voice of the post 60's generation, a culmination of sorts. We were very lucky to have lived it.

    But every generation has a duty, no, an obligation to find and express it's own voice. Because the first generation that comes along and says, 'Hey, that Sinatra fella, Beatles or whatever sound that came before was great! Lets do that again!', means they as a generation have given up already on finding thier own voice. Then we all lose.

    So while I didn't really like disco, grunge, rap or Foo, they were all absolutley necessary and more or less healthy generational expressions of the inner vibe. Because it's their turn now and that's reason enough. And that in it's self is cool.

    Just don't mess with my Allman Brothers man, K? ;^)

    Jus ma two cents. If I got change comin, thas cool too.

  2. I hear ya, I just don't agree. There is so much good music right's just that none of it is really "rock" music. And no, I won't mess with the Brothers (an all time fave for me as well).