Monday, March 25, 2013

Fifth On The Floor - Ashes & Angels

Fifth On The Floor is a Southern-Rock/Country act out of Lexington, KY.  I had heard a few track off of their earlier releases which I thought were ok.  A little too "jacked up" for my ears but definitely a sound that had potential.  Well that potential is reached with their third release Ashes & Angels.  The band has gone through some lineup changes and some refinements to their sound and all of the pieces seem to come together on this release.

At times hard charging southern rock and at other turns there is some pretty traditional country sounds complete with a mournful steel guitar.  The first track I heard was January In Louisiana which I think gives you a pretty good snapshot of what Fifth on the Floor is all about.

Along with Shotgun and Wild Child this track finds FOTF in full kick ass rockin' mode while Angels in the Snow, Whiskey, and Wine are most definitely in the country camp.  The mix of styles flows well from song to song for a great listen.

Fifth On The Floor has made a pretty damn fine that should appeal to southern rockers and less mainstream country fans alike. Grab a copy from the band, pop a cold one and enjoy.

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