Monday, March 25, 2013

Robben Ford - Boulton Cener on 3/15/13

I always like to hear Robben Ford play.  He has one of the most identifiable guitar sound to these ears and I try to catch him whenever I can.  Last summer he was working out some new material and playing some blues at BB King's in NYC.  This time around he is out in support of his newest  Bringing It Back Home.  The set leaned heavily on the new album with a few songs from some of his more recent effort sprinkled in. 

Robben is firmly in the soul-blues realm this time out and the material he has chosen is perfectly listenable and make for a nice little show.  I am not one of those fans who expects the hits and oldies, but it would be nice to get one or two from his earlier work (both with and without The Blue Line).  I didn't hold up much hope so I was not really disappointed, but maybe just once...

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