Sunday, March 17, 2013

Holly Williams - The Highway

Being Hank's grand daughter gets you a listen.  Genetics has to count for something doesn't it?  You get the play by birth right.  You get played about a gazillion times this month by making one of the finest records I have heard in a good long while.  Holly Williams "The Highway" is the first great record of 2013.

One listen to the lead track Drinkin' and I was hooked.  The perfect mix of songwriting, singing and playing...Americana defined.  Check out the official video.

There are some upbeat tracks and some ballads any of which blows away what is being sold by Nashville as country music in 2013.  Railroads should be a hit on CMT but that'll never's too good.  There is so much to like here from the title track to the very last Waitin' On June.  The last one is one giant "ball in the throat" song written in her maternal grandfathers voice about his life with his wife.  If we all get to live that life we will leave this earth winners in my book.  Stellar song writing.

I can recommend this one enough.  Go grab yourself a copy from iTunes, or even better yet on vinyl, you won't regret this one folks.  Here's a little more video to whet your appetites.

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