Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buddy Guy - Stone Crazy!

I was reading through the latest Classic Rock the other day and in an article about the 50 best blues rock albums I saw 2 that I was not familiar with .  One was Stone Crazy! and the other was Freddie King's Burglar (more on that one at a later date).  Like many others of my generations I migrated to blues from rock.  My first serious exposure to Buddy Guy was Damn Right I Got the Blues way back in 1991.  I was hooked.  I have grabbed most of what I could find from his later day releases back through the Vanguard and Chess recordings.  Stone Crazy! is one I missed.  Let me tell you folks this is one not to miss.

Stone Crazy! (1981) is Buddy Guy all jacked up to 10.  The tracks are long, all but one over 5 minutes, and filled with his incredible guitar.  I think after playing it a bunch that it is one of his strongest collections.  If you don't dig the fiery Buddy then stay away.  The whole album has a very live feel to it and the performances are just incredible.  I Smell a Rat, You Been Gone Too Long, and Outskirts of Town are standouts, but there isn't a weak track in the bunch.  Check it out, it will be worth the effort...

I Smell A Rat

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