Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The SteelDrivers - Reckless

I wrote about this album back a few weeks.  I wanted to really digest it before I talked about it in any detail.  I really loved their debut from 2008 and it was something that got me more interested in bluegrass.  This wasn't old school by any stretch of the imagination.  I was really bummed out to learn that vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Chris Stapleton was leaving the band but was thrilled to find out that he is on the new album so the original lineup is in tact for one more record.  Good thing for all of us as this is a tremendous record.  Sorry that I am acting like a fan boy but I love this one.

As good as their debut was, Reckless is even better.  The soul that you hear coming out of the speakers is so instantly attention grabbing that you can't help but turn it up.  These 5 fine musicians and singers are just clicking on all cylinders on this release from the first track to the last. 

On "Where Rainbows Never Die" an old man reflects on what was as he nears the end of his life...

I'm and old man now, I can't do nothin'
Young folks don't pay me no mind
But in my day I sure was something
Before I felt the heavy hands of time

I may be an Oldrockr and this is just starting to hit home for me as I approach my 50's but you gotta hear the song. 

Where Rainbows Never Die

Check out The Price which rages against the lack of justice in 2010...

Mercy ain't got no justice
Justice got a rag tied round her eyes
Oughta be tears rollin' down her face
At the blind tryin' to lead the blind
Rich man rolls the dice
Poor man pays the price

The Price

This album has one standout after another.  Bluegrass for all of us.  I wish the band luck with their new singer and I hope Chris Stapleton releases a solo record down the line.  Just a great, great release.  Check out a few more tracks and then go buy the damn thing!

Angel of the Night

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  1. I, too, am a big fan of Chris Stapleton, but after having seen the SteelDrivers a couple of times with Gary Nichols now handling lead vocals, I can say they have lost nothing. The band is just as solid now as they were in their original form.