Saturday, September 25, 2010

Medicine Bluff

Medicine Bluff is a trio out of Oklahoma playing what can best be described as an updated take on Southern Rock.  They may be part of the current Red Dirt Scene, but this music is firmly grounded in that 70's big guitar south of the Mason-Dixon line sound.  I hear a bit of Blackfoot and even some Molly Hatchet sound in here.  It is most definitely rock music with touch of country all mixed up into a very listenable sound.  Like those hard charging guitar solos?  Check this one out.  In particular I really liked the opening and closing tracks "In My Arms Again" and "Outlaw".  "200 Miles" is another great track with some very tasty guitar.

This one really brought back another time for me.  It may be too country for rock fans and too rock for country fans, but for those who grew up back in the day it sure as hell can fire you up.  I think I need a beer and another listen.  Cranking Les Paul's anyone?

In My Arms Again



  1. Loved your review. Great songs! My favorites may very well be "In My Arms Again" and "200 Miles". There's nothing like going on a road trip and rockin' out to 200 miles! Looking forward to hearing more from this group!!

  2. Good review and I totally agree. I enjoy both country and rock so these great songs very much appeal to me. I'm looking forward to their next album.