Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brand New Sin

So I was working at an indie store on Long Island a few years back and a promo comes in with a note that says you gotta hear this. So I play it. This was good, heavy rock & roll. No wimpy nu metal. Crunchy guitars, tunes with a little hook to them. Great choruses. The real deal.

I start playing the crap out of this. We get the band in store on the day of release and they just kill. The fans (they had some already from listening in the store)are stoked and we keep on promoting them. I see a few shows and they are just killer live. so what happens? Nada. This should have been a no miss band but the times just weren't right. They released a couple more cd's and broke up. But I still love this first one. Brand New Sin rocked. Big time.

1 comment:

  1. They did not break up. In fact they just released 'Distilled' independently in
    in July 2009. Check their website for
    news on this power trio, their blog, their
    growing myspace fans,etc