Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Speaker Pelosi Is Confused

If drowning out the opposition's voice is "un-American" as Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer say, doesn't that go in direct contradiction to how they have dictated the health care legislation that is at the center of the debate. The House has worked to exclude any and all differing opinions. The bill has not bi-partisan support because that support should be more than a rubber stamp of approval. I do think there needs to be changes, but not in secret and not as designed by a few on the far left fringe of our country. The Speaker is a far off base as former VP Dick Cheney. Most of the country lives in the center, not on the fringes.

As for the President's Town Hall meeting today, it took this long before he addresses the concerns of those who have insurance? The group that is in the over whelming majority in this country? I fear he has over valued his "mandate". This is the same kind of tactic used by the Clinton administration and it just doesn't play with most Americans.

Let's hope that there is a real debate that includes the voices and opinions of all, not just those on MSNBC.

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