Friday, August 7, 2009

Paul Kossoff - Back Street Crawler

I'm most definitely grounded in the blusier side of rock music. I'm not a metal guy, although some of it appeals to me, and I certainly am not into the hair bands of the 80's. For me, it's always been about classic rock bands like Led Zep, the Who, the Stones, Bad Co., well you get my drift. Another band from the day that I really enjoyed was Free. Paul Kossoff was the guitarist and Back Street Crawler was his first "solo" album. I say "solo" because all the members of Free including Paul Rodgers make appearances on this long forgotten, oft overlooked classic.

The star of the album is Kossoff and his guitar. The original clocked in at around the usual 40 minutes, but there is a recent Deluxe Edition that includes the entire original album and tons of alternates and jams. Most of the time. these kind of release add in what is essentially junk, not this one. The bonus material is amazing and if you are a fan of the classic rock of the 1970's and great guitar in particular you need this. There are several alternates of the killer instrumental Tuesday Morning featuring different styles and the 38 minute Time Away with the late John Martyn is just fantastic. It never gets dull. I don't know how it doesn't lose its way. A killer jam!

You need this. The CD is expensive, but the download at is only $9.97 for 2.5 hours of great music.

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