Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Steely Dan - Beacon Theater 8-4-09

I really like Steely Dan. They were the "way cool" rock band back in the day. The albums were so crisp, so perfect with some really fantastic songs. And the playing was always first rate. I saw one of the Rock & Soul reviews back in the 90's that was a sort of mini-reunion then I didn't get to another show until the last tour. In both cases I was a bit disappointed. They played and sounded great but there was a disconnect with me. Too cool, too perfect. Maybe it just didn't work live.

I was still intrigued by this new tour with them playing an album straight through (Aja, Gaucho or Royal Scam) each of 3 nights and then an internet request night where the audience votes on songs for that nights setlist. Hmmm. Well I passed due to the VERY HIGH ticket price. Good seats were $172-240 which is too much for me. I did luckily get an e-mail last week with Orchestra seats going for $99. I bit and am glad I did.

The show was fantastic. Some will say it is too greatest hits, but I for one loved every minute. They need to play in a theater not in some huge outdoor amphitheater. The sound was great, the band was tight and they looked like they were enjoying this. Aside from most of the songs you would expect we got Dr Wu and Any Major Dude which is a favorite. Just an overall excellent night of music. If you get the chance, check it out.

Steely Dan
Beacon Theater
August 4, 2009

Teenies Blues (The Band)
Hey 18
Dirty Work
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Home At Last
Dr. Wu
Any Major Dude Will Tell You
Do It Again
Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart
Babylon Sisters
Daddy Don't Live In NYC No More
Black Cow
Don't Take Me Alive
Kid Charlamagne
Reelin' In The Years
My Old School

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