Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Kiss - Does Anyone Care?

Coming soon to a WalMart near you...KISS. Or rather what passes for Kiss in 2009. Can anyone outside of the 40-something guys in Gene make-up care about this? Folks, they were never good. When I was 14 I thought they were slicker than whale shit, but by the time 15 rolled around I was off into Zep, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Sabbath, etc. By the end of that year I was already aware of the Pistols and the Clash while Gene and the money train were on to their Disco album. You know that this is gonna suck right? I'm talking to you John. You too Larry.

But that's just one OldRockr's opinion.


  1. You are probably right. I think their last good output was either Love Gun or Rock And Roll Over. That's 1976/1977. So go figure. All after that was inconsistent. You could make one decent album out of the rest of their catalogue. Excluding side 4 of Alive II. Go figure. I'll listen to it but I doubt it will be good much less great.

  2. Oh get over it. They were only great until you got your 1st girlfriend.