Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blackberry Smoke

I made a stop down at Looney Tunes and asked if there was anything new and exciting to fire up this OldRockr. John put on Blackberry Smoke. I instantly recognized the Trent Wilmon track "Good One Comin' On", a great party tune. This was a smokin' little blast of southern rock. It ain't country (too heavy) and it ain't straight rock (too redneck). It is however just what I have always liked. After all Long Island might as well have been below the Mason-Dixon line back in the 70's.

The new CD is called "Little Piece of Dixie" and it was out briefly earlier this year. They have been signed to a new label and should be available again in the not to distant future. Don't miss this one, hunt it down and play the shit out of it.


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  1. Proud to be your first comment! Thanks for this nice site! Enjoyed it! Found it because I was looking for "too old for a blackberry".. and the search engines brought me here. I'm still too old for a blackberry, but I AM a Sanctified Woman!!