Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jack Bruce and Robin Trower - Seven Moons

I missed this one last year when it was released. I've always admired Robin Trower's playing and I have seen him a few times over the past few years and he has lost nothing. He still plays that Strat with such wonderful feeling and gets tones that most only dream of. That Hendrix "sound" is still there and it's all the more refined. Vastly under-rated and under appreciated in my opinion. Jack Bruce was the voice of Cream and his singing and bass playing are instantly recognizable and familiar. In fact he sounds much better here than he did on the Cream reunion a few years back.

In fact I really get a Cream vibe from this disc, that is if Jimi had played in Cream instead of Clapton. Not better, just different. This is such a strong album, but one that is from another time, which is a pity as I don't see much of an audience for this type of record. It's great, but nobody cares.

This is worth it to just hear Trower play. The songs are strong as are the vocals, but it is Trower who steals the show. The playing is just so great, with such feeling that any fan of rock, or blues really ought to check this out.

Track Listing

1. Seven Moons 4:42

2. Lives of Clay 5:04

3. Distant Places of the Heart 5:25

4. She's Not the One 2:56

5. So Far to Yesterday 3:35

6. Just Another Day 5:31

7. Perfect Place 3:47

8. The Last Door 5:10

9. Bad Case of Celebrity 4:06

10. Come to Me 4:45

11. I'm Home 3:11

Check it out here or here.


Rumor has it that Jack Bruce will be joining Robin Trower on the upcoming leg of Robin's North American tour. I got this from someone at Samson who works with Jack and he swears it's happening. One can only hope. I have tickets to take my son to the Boulton Center show in September (a 230 seat theater in Bayshore, NY). Should be great either way. The clip below is from earlier this year of Jack & Robin performing Politician.

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