Friday, July 24, 2009

Buddy & Julie Miller - Written In Chalk (Repost)

I have had this one for the past few weeks but have waited to comment. I wanted to fully absorb the album before I inevitably heaped praise on it. These are two of the most talented artists out there today and there are so many great moments on this gem of a CD.

Ellis County - If Americana has a defining song at the moment this is it. This slice of life written by Julie (and I often overlook just how great a song writer she is) is the perfect start to the album.

Don't Say Goodbye - A heartbreaking song of loss sung by Julie with back-up provided by Patty Griffin.

What You Gonna Do LeRoy - Buddy and Robert Plant on a track that would fit perfectly on Raising Sand. What an interesting combination of voices. Great track.

Chalk - This is my personal favorite on the album and, in my opinion, one of Buddy's best vocals. This clip says it all...

The Selfishness of Man - A great closing track with Emmylou Harris to help out.

What strikes me about the album is that it is not truly a album recorded as a duo. It's more a collection of recording made between Buddy and Julie and those with others, both alone and together. Some they wrote together, some written by Julie and others found by Buddy. The sum of the parts is so much more than any one individual cut. Buddy and Julie make records different than the mainstream. The care with which they are made, the musicians who participated and those voices all shine through to make a great record. Put it on the year end list now because there is no way it won't make it come December.

Can you tell I am a fan?

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