Thursday, July 30, 2009

Def Leppard Bigger than Everyone!

I just have to say up front that I could care less abour the Poison v. Def Leppard "feud". However as you can see from this blurb on Rock Radio, it might be best for Joe Elliott to no longer speak in public. Not to defend Poison who were never great to begin with, but I saw clips of Def Lep from the Download Festival and it was franky awful. They sounded like crap.

Joe Elliott is an asshole...

This is from Rock Radio.

Joe Elliott has spoken once again about the media feud that broke out between Def Leppard and Poison last year, before the bands cleared the air and went on tour together.

The singer explains that when he said Def Leppard were better than Poison, he didn’t mean Poison literally – and that, as a member of Def Lep, he’s entitled to think his band is better than everyone.

Taking a break from the US trek with Poison and Cheap Trick, Elliott tells Noisecreep: “I didn’t say their music had no substance. I said ours had more. My belief is that we’re better than them. But I would say that about any band, whether it be The Who or the Stones or the Beatles. Not because I’m an arrogant idiot – but because when you’re in a band, you are absolutely 100percent allowed to believe you’re the best band in the world.

“So if that question had been asked of Bret Michaels, I’d have expected him to answer it in a very similar way. He’s entitled to think they’re a better band than us, because he’s in the band.”

In the end, Elliott believes the real problem wasn’t between musicians, but between musicians and the journalist who asked the original question. He says: “It was taken out of proportion. I could barely hear what was going on and I was getting agitated. It was a dumb question from a dumb journalist - to a dumb singer about a dumb subject.”

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