Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Recent CD Purchases

Ian Hunter - Man Overboard

Ian is now 70. It's hard to get used to our Rock & Roll heroes getting old. In this case though, older does not mean boring. Following up on the strength of Rant and Shrunken Heads, Ian returns with another excellent release. Not as rocking but no less gripping as some of his best work. Another triumph.

Ashley Cleveland - God Don't Never Change

Mike Farris - Shout! Live

I come out of the Lutheran tradition. Germans. The "frozen chosen". Don't take this as a slam on my church, it's just the way it is. The Good News is not shared through foot stomping, hand clapping, Praise-The-Lord Gospel. These CD's do that, and they do it well. They may not make you a believer, but they might make you wish you were!

Return To Forever - Returns

I'm a casual jazz fan. I tend to like some fusion and most of what I like I came to through my rock leanings (Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton). Back in the 80's I was working at Looney Tunes where I was introduced to Return to Forever's Romantic Warrior. I finally found some "real jazz" that I could get into. I still break that one out on occasion.

I missed the reunion tour (the United Center is just too hard to get to) but I did pick up this 2-CD live recording recently. It's pretty good, in particular Corea and DiMeola really stretch out on some extended pieces. I should have went...

Vintage RTF - Romantic Warrior

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Live From Madison Square Garden

I really was quite excited to see this show. Clapton is a favorite and Winwood is one of the best voices in rock so expectations were high. For me the show did not disappoint. Clapton and Winwood shared vocal duties (a little more weighted in Steve's favor) and most of the tunes gave them the chance to stretch out a bit. This CD is worth it for their take on Voodoo Child alone. Clapton has really become re-energized of late, especially when he lets someone else sign and he just plays the guitar. I love this stuff.

Willie Nile - House of a Thousand Guitars

This is the follow up to his exceptional 2006 release "Streets of New York". Willie Nile is a name you may know but are really not familiar with. The sound echoes Dylan a bit in the vocals and he is most definitely a New York singer-songwriter. One that rocks! This is another fine effort that is worth your time to check out. The video clip is from his recent live cd.

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