Friday, July 24, 2009

William Elliott Whitmore - Animals In The Dark (Repost)

So I was down at my favorite indie record store (Looney Tunes) moaning about the how the new U2 left me cold. John (manager dude) told me I need to pick up the new William Elliott Whitmore CD. John says he is a Dylan for this generation. Strong words. Album of the year? In February? Now I tend to trust John's judgement as our tastes overlap a bit. So I grab a copy and head home.

It's raining in NY today. One of those cold, wet days. The economy is tanking, the war in Afghanistan looks to be expanding, the ocean is rising... It's that kind of a day. What do I need? Well besides a beer? I need to hear something that will stir up my emotions. Something devoid of fluff. Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen this CD is it. Combine it with the Otis Gibb's CD I reviewed a few weeks back and you have a potential year end 1-2 punch that is out in February. This CD is another classic in a very young 2009.

From the first track to the last what will grip you is the voice. It's somewhere between Tom Waits and well who knows what. I even hear a little Jim Dandy (for those of you old enough to remember). That voice coupled with these songs makes for an amazing listening experience. This is protest music for our times sung with passion and insight into the human condition. The trials that so many are going through. New Dylan, maybe. Check out a few tracks below. Watch the video and see if you think the same thing.

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There is an excellent review over at Twang Nation.

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